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Thermal Oil Heater is a heater that uses Thermal Oil Fluid as conductor and is able to operate with the temperature up to 300 deg C

Different from steam that uses pressure up to 70 bar for 285 deg C usage, Thermal Oil Heater works only on the pump circulation pressure, making it very safe and the equipments that need heating doesn't need to be designed with special construction.

The Age span of Thermal Oil Fluid generally lasts more than 10 years and it doesn't need any addition as long as there is no leakage on the pipes or the heater, also it doesn't need cleaning because the internal part of heater's coil doesn't crust like on Steam Boiler. Some of our Thermal Oil Heater units have been working well for more than 20 years. What are the advantages of Thermal Oil Heater compared to Steam Boiler?


Thermoblock Oil heater is generally supplied in vertical construction to save space and is very efficent due to using integrated burner which utilizes exhausted gas to preheat for burned air. This, in turn, enables a perfect oil combustion. Heating Coil is made from continiuosly-rolled Seamless Boiler Tube. Each weld is inspected carefully with Radiography Test and Final Pressure Test using pressure up to 30 Bar. Thermal Oil flows inside the coil with carefully-designed velocity in order to prevent overheating which causes oil damage due to coking

Hot gases as a product of combustion heat thermal oil inside the combustion chamber as radiant heat and then heat oil in convection coil through between coil with certain speed in 3 passes, countering the thermal oil flow. Turbulence that is produced by gas while passing the coil produce increasing Heater efficiency and coil cleaning effect from soot which may stick the to external side of the coil. Scope of Delivery: Each unit is supplied with accessories, which include:



ASME "S" Stamp Holder Number 48084
ASME "U" Stamp Holder Number 48085


15 Dec 2014

Since 1 Dec 2014, Alpha Omega has been qualified to use ASME "S" & "U" Stamp on our products that meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

2 Sep 2014

Alpha Omega will participate in The 20th International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference (OSEA 2014). The event will take place in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 2-5 Dec 2014. Visit our booth at stand number 3B1-05. Click here for more information about this event.

13 Jul 2012

PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia, a member of TUV Rheinland Group, has awarded Alpha Omega the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems certificate.